Enabling immune

eradication of cancer

A unique constellation

Immagene creates therapeutics to address a patient’s unique constellation of ImmunoGram parameters

The ImmunoGram describes seven tumor- and host-specific parameters required for immune mediated eradication of the tumor. Immagene is developing first in class therapeutics that clinicians can deploy to enable immune eradication of cancer.

ImmunoGram-guided therapies enable patient benefit.

Precision drugs change their tomorrows.

The Pitch

Learn about the science behind the Immagene’s technology and how we enable immune eradication of cancer.

This short video explains more about how we use the ImmunoGram to guide us in discovering and developing novel therapies to effectively target non-responding cancer patients. 

In short

Start up with first in class small molecule therapeutics based on ImmunoGram parameters, enabling treatment of cancer patients.


Become a leading force in FiC drug discovery  providing targeted treatment options for cancer patients.


Oncode Institute and Netherlands Cancer Institute spin-off founded in 2020. 


Partnering potential of small-molecules assets during progressing phases of drug development.


Stellar first-in-class inhibitors for the treatment of cancer patients.

The Pitch

Learn about the science behind the Immagene’s technology and how we create better tomorrows.

This short video explains more about how we use the Immunogram to effectively target non-responding cancer patients. Find out more about our target identifcation, validation and our clinical trial strategy.

The Team

Navigation and balance are pivotal. This is why professionals with differentiating expertise guide Immagene’s course.

Our in house capabilities range from a fundamental understanding of oncology and immunology to expertise in unbiased target and drug discovery as well as a tight grasp on clinical development and patient needs.











































Supervisory Board

Guided by experience

Our board ensures we stay on the right track and facilitate Immagene’s rapid progress.

Imagine Tomorrow. Today.

Immagene pushes the frontiers of immunotherapies for cancer patients.

The ImmunoGram guides Immagene in the development of new assets to enable immune eradication of cancer. These assets will be used by clinicians to treat patients so they can benefit from the power of their immune-system.

Help us create a better tomorrow.

Unraveling every patient unique constellation and developing treatments for unmet needs takes dedication and commitment.

If you’d like to contribute to better tomorrows we invite you to get in touch with us. We are currently interested in meeting:



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Launch Immagene

Immagene announced its launch following a successful fundraise from Oncode Bridge Fund, Swanbridge Capital, and Innovatiefonds Noord Holland.

Key Appointments Supervisory Board

Their insights and experience in drug discovery, drug development and business strategy will be incredibly valuable, as Immagene continues to develop its platform of novel IO therapeutics to treat cancers.

New Investment

Immagene raised a seed financing round (BOM Brabant Ventures ) to advance its next-generation precision Immuno-Oncology therapeutics.